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Our store specializes in selling devices for receiving information (bugs, telephone bugs, wiretapping). We selected the optimal, in our opinion, bugs for covert information. You can get the most reliable and high-quality devices from us that will serve you and perform their functions for years.

Why do people most often acquire wiretapping? Let's analyze the main situations when a person has to buy a bug to solve problems (below is the rating of situations of our customers in which they had to buy a wiretap):

Bosses of various levels acquire bugs, telephone bugs in one way or another to check the work of their employees. Indeed, many buyers wrote to us that they were buying a wiretap because they suspected their employees of systematic failure to perform duties or, even worse, theft.

Many people use bugs, wiretap phones to check the wife or husband, in whose loyalty the person has doubts. Very often, when ordering, buyers write about what they know about cheating spouse (s), but can not prove it.

The third place in the ranking of customers is occupied by those who have babysitters at home who look after their children in the absence of owners. Very often, downloaders have doubts about the correctness of their duties. According to surveys, every third person would like to acquire wiretap to solve their problems.

Our store also sells anti-listening devices. These are field detectors (anti-bugs), which allow you to detect wiretapping, radio-emitting devices (bugs, cameras, transmitting images, and hidden mobile phones switched on

We live in an age of intensive technological progress, today listening devices are becoming more powerful and at the same time more and more miniature. And there is no guarantee that you have not installed a bug with which competitors receive information.

Telephone bugs, radio bugs and mobile bugs have become commonplace, they will not surprise anyone, therefore we are ready to offer you devices for detection (search and protection) from wiretapping and radio bugs, such as:

Field Detector Anti-bug keychain We deliver orders both in Russia and in other countries.

With the help of our products (system for recording conversations (conversations)) you will be able to access: wiretapping of the telephone (telephone conversations) and wiretapping of the premises (apartment, office).

Electronic bugs for wiretapping an apartment (checking his wife) or for recording negotiations in an office (checking business partners), industrial and economic espionage. Spyware, listening devices, listening devices.

Devices for wiretapping of cellular (mobile, GSM) phones, radio bugs (radio bugs), radio microphones.

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